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  1. Building a culture of knowledge sharing in journalism

    Dataharvest 2017Mechelen, Belgium

    As data becomes increasingly important to journalism reporters need to keep their skills up to date. However, newsrooms have less budget for training and conferences than ever before. This was a lightning talk on how Journocoders tries to solve these problems. Video here. Slides here.

  2. The power of fuzzy: finding connections in a messy world

    CSV Conf 2017Portland, USA

    Like our reality, our data is often messy. Finding meaningful connections between such datasets often means using fuzzy matching algorithms. This was a high-level look at some of the most commonly used algorithms, their pros and cons, and how they are used in practice. Slides here.

  3. Data for investigations: beyond Excel

    Food Research Council Workshop 2015London, UK

    Though much data-led reporting is done in Excel, some can only be reported using other tools. This talk ran through a few stories which took different approaches. Write-up here. Slides here.

  4. Muckrakers and tech makers

    Dataharvest 2015Brussels, Belgium

    Communication difficulties are common between journalists and technologists. This was a talk with an investigative reporter on our experiences working together at the Guardian.

  5. Digital journalism: the news and tech

    Web We Want Festival 2014London, UK

    Panel discussing how news organisations have been challenged and transformed by the web, and how this has changed the way they interact with readers. Video here.

  6. Using the Guardian's Content API

    MediaHackDays 2014Aarhus, Denmark

    An introduction to the Guardian's Content API, which lets developers build their own applications using Guardian content. Also judge on a prize for the best use of the API. Write-up here.